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I am a Podiatrist based at Optimotion Camden, London.   I specialise in foot orthoses (orthotics) for adults and children,  and have several years experience in the NHS and private practice.

I'm offering bespoke orthotics, made using the AMFIT CAD/CAM system.

Each orthotic is cut from a single piece of EVA, the top side shaped to the exact contours of the foot, and the underneath cut away by hand using a dremel tool to get the best fit into your regular shoes.

An initial consultation, consisting of a biomechanical assessment which includes gait analysis and digital CAD image of the foot in its neutral position using a 3D scanner costs £50, and a pair of orthotics - if you need them - costs £185.

Fitting and follow up appointments - you may need more than one - are not charged for, so you know the total cost at the outset.

There is no VAT payable on medical services or devices prescribed by a practitioner to alleviate pain or correct dysfunction.

Be aware- orthotics sold as "foot supports" on which VAT is charged:

If the seller is charging VAT, their products are sold as footwear components, not medical devices - because the provider is not qualified as a Podiatrist, Orthopaedic specialist or Orthotist. (n.b. this does not mean the provider is not good at their job- simply that their qualification or level of training allows them to work as a cobbler rather than a registered healthcare provider.)

The Professional body representing Podiatrists has been lobbying for a new law to prevent these outfits selling or advertising using the terms 'orthotic' or 'orthotics' but in my opinion as a practitioner the consumer should not be restricted by protective regulation.

I would rather the individual choose their provider- qualified practitioner or not-  because of reputation and trust rather than because of a closed shop.

The distinction is clear to the more aware consumer, who will find out about the relevant qualifications anyway- and the reason for specialist training is to gain the best knowledge to help people, not to gain access to a market! 

Having said all that, my price is less than the cobblers anyway: No other Podiatrist in the UK dares offer a pair of bespoke orthotics, including assessment and fitting for as little as £235.

£235 all in cost is a cartel busting price and has made me very unpopular with my peers!

For more info please see the clinic website: Optimotion Camden

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