Online appointment booking

This system is experimental  - if it crashes or doesn't do what you expect please help
me fix it by phoning or emailing and explaining what happened

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You can phone my direct number 0844 802 6414 at any time, or the clinic 020 7060 6670
to book an appointment or have a chat, but if the online booking system is working it could save you time.

After making the appointment I will email or text you to confirm the appointment.

ZH Healthcare maintain a secure 'patient portal' which will connect to the software
running on my PC in the clinic and query the appointment database in real time.

Here are the instructions - first step:

Click here to open the portal

The link above will open the secure portal page. Right click open in new tab if you want to keep these instructions open.

First you will need to enter the following guest details:

Provider ID:  opti         {all lowercase}
User Name:   10           {one, zero}
Password:      opti1#     {all lowercase, the number 1 and then the # symbol}

Don't tick the box for new patient, as this will force the system to request all your details before letting you
book - use this login for now and we can fill in your details when you attend the appointment...

ZH Healthcare
        portal optimotion details

When you enter "opti" into the Provider ID box, you should see my address as in the screenshot above. If you get an error, it hasn't
connected to my system, and won't let you book.

Booking the appointment:

You will be taken to a screen with a menu on the top, "Dashboard" is highlighted at first-- you need to select appointments.

Choose a date and

Select the date you want by clicking on the small calendar symbol to bring up the big calendar as shown above, and then select a
day and click on it. 

Next, once the calendar has gone back, click on the tiny clock button after the Time field to bring up a list of times as shown below:

Select time

First choose the AM or PM tab, and then click on the time when you are free and want to book.

The patient portal software at ZH Healthcare is querying my database every time it loads the appointments, and then creating the page
for you to view with those results- so it can be a bit sluggish.

If there is a big enough gap in the diary at or near the preferred time, you will be presented with the diary view and the available
appointment highlighted.  If the diary view does not come up, then the selected time is booked up or I am out of the office that day
and you can try selecting again.

Diary view

Click on the appointment slot to bring up this dialogue -- fill in your first name, email and mobile number as I have done in the example below. If your name is
obvious from the email (e.g. then just put your email address and mobile number.  Click on save, and you should be
returned to the main menu. Now you can logout or close the window.

booking dialogue

That's it -- I will see the appointment on my own diary along with your message, and will email or text you to confirm the appointment as soon as I get the chance.

Any problems, call  0844 802 6414, or 020 7060 6670 or email

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